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In the fast-paced world of real estate, where every second counts, communication is the cornerstone of success. Imagine having the perfect words at your disposal to connect with potential clients and close deals effortlessly. This is where real estate scripts come into play, serving as your trusty guide in the realm of property transactions.

In this article, we’ll delve into the art of real estate scripts, shedding light on their importance and giving you top-performing real estate script examples for various scenarios. Whether you’re a seasoned agent or just starting in the industry, these scripts will empower you to navigate the intricate real estate market with confidence.

Why Use Scripts in Real Estate?

Imagine making a cold call to a potential client or meeting a lead at an open house. In these brief interactions, you must convey trust, professionalism, and expertise. Real estate scripts are your secret weapon for achieving just that.

Real estate scripts enable you to:

  • Craft a Strong Introduction: The initial moments of any interaction are crucial. Scripts help you create a compelling introduction that grabs the prospect’s attention.
  • Navigate Tricky Scenarios: Whether it’s dealing with For Sale By Owner (FSBO) listings, reaching out to expired listings, or warming up internet leads, scripts provide a roadmap to tackle diverse situations effectively.
  • Build Trust: Through empathetic and well-structured scripts, you can build trust with prospects who might be skeptical about working with real estate professionals.

A Deep Dive into the Types of Real Estate Scripts

Navigating the fast-paced real estate landscape requires more than just savvy; it demands articulate and strategic communication. Different scenarios require tailored approaches, and this is where a wide range of real estate scripts come into play. 

From cold calling to securing referrals, let’s explore the distinct categories of real estate scripts that can elevate your interactions with potential and existing clients.

Real Estate Cold Calling Scripts for Door Knocking

Cold calling remains a tried-and-true method for generating new leads. With a meticulously crafted real estate cold-calling script, agents can not only break the ice but also establish a rapport within the first few seconds of interaction. 

Door-knocking scripts serve a similar function but are designed for face-to-face encounters. A well-prepared agent can use these scripts to make compelling introductions, express genuine interest in a homeowner’s needs, and tactfully steer the conversation toward potential property transactions.

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Real Estate Text Scripts for Stale Leads

Stale leads often need a nudge to remind them why they considered entering the real estate market in the first place. A well-composed text script can rekindle that spark. These real estate scripts should be concise yet engaging, aiming to reignite the dormant interest and encourage a follow-up conversation.


Real Estate Agent Introduction Script for Past Client Referrals

Your previous clients are a treasure trove of potential new leads through referrals. A call script tailored for past clients should focus on checking in on their well-being while subtly reminding them of the positive experience they had with you. By ending the call with a courteous request for referrals, you can turn goodwill into tangible business opportunities.

Real Estate Call Scripts for Expired Listings

Expired listings present unique challenges but also offer opportunities for agents. With the right script, you can convert a missed chance for someone else into a potential win for you. If done correctly, these scripts can make a significant impact.

Real Estate Call Scripts for FSBOs (For Sale By Owner)

The For Sale By Owner (FSBO) route is often chosen by homeowners who want to take matters into their own hands. However, they soon find it’s not as easy as it seems. A carefully structured FSBO script can offer insights into the benefits of working with an agent, subtly transforming their “Do It Yourself” endeavor into a “Do It Together” partnership.

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Top Performing Real Estate Scripts: A Closer Look at Each Type

Having explored the various types of real estate scripts that can elevate your game, let’s delve deeper into each. We’ll provide a list of top-performing examples with detailed descriptions so you’re equipped to tackle any situation with confidence.

Real Estate Cold Calling Scripts for Door Knocking Example

Top Performing Example

“Hello, my name is [Your Name], and I’m with [Real Estate Company]. Am I speaking with the property owner?

You might be interested to know that the local housing market is booming right now. For instance, a property just a few blocks from you recently sold for [insert details]. Another one at [property address] went for [insert details].

Given this surge in property values, have you thought about what you could get for your home in today’s market? The demand for properties like yours is high, and the supply is limited. [Pause for their response.]”

Top Performing Example Explained:

  • “Hi there, my name is [Your Name],”: This serves as your initial introduction. It’s clear and concise and immediately informs the homeowner to whom they are speaking.
  • “and I’m a real estate agent who specializes in [Your Area].”: This part establishes your expertise and relevance to the homeowner. By specifying their area, you connect with them on a local level, which can build trust quickly.
  • “I’m reaching out to homeowners to discuss the exciting developments in the property market.”: Here, you’re outlining the reason for your unexpected visit. You’re not just there to sell them something; you’re providing potentially valuable market insights.
  • “Have you ever considered what your home could be worth in today’s dynamic market?”: This closing question serves two purposes. First, it opens the door to a deeper conversation about property values in their area. Second, it triggers curiosity, leaving them wanting to know more, which increases the chances of a successful follow-up.

Why It Works

This script effectively combines a strong introduction with real-time market data, aiming to create both curiosity and a sense of urgency. This makes the homeowner more receptive to the conversation that follows.

By breaking down each segment of this real estate agent introduction script, you can understand its mechanics and tailor it to fit your unique conversational style, all while keeping those crucial first seconds as engaging as possible.

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Real Estate Text Scripts for Stale Leads Example

Top Performing Example

“Hello [Prospect’s Name], this is [Your Name] with [Real Estate Company]. It’s been a while since we last spoke. Exciting news—some interesting new homes have just hit the market in your area. Is this a good time to revisit your property goals?”

Top Performing Example Explained:

  • “Hello [Prospect’s Name], this is [Your Name] with [Real Estate Company].”: This sentence serves as a formal reintroduction, reminding the lead of your previous interaction and your professional affiliation.
  • “It’s been a while since we last spoke.”: Acknowledging the time that has passed helps to re-establish the context for the conversation and sets a pleasant tone.
  • “Exciting news—some interesting new homes have just hit the market in your area.”: This statement introduces the fresh element of new listings, aiming to recapture the lead’s attention and interest.
  • “Is this a good time to revisit your property goals?”: By ending with this question, you invite the prospect to engage in a dialogue, opening up the opportunity for a more targeted follow-up conversation.

Why it Works

The script is tailored to reignite interest by introducing the timely element of new listings. It combines the familiarity of a previous interaction with the excitement of new possibilities, making it more likely that the stale lead will re-engage.

Real Estate Agent Introduction Script for Past Client Referrals

Top Performing Example

“Hello [Client’s Name], it’s [Your Name] from [Real Estate Company]. How have you been since we last caught up? I hope you’re enjoying your new home. I’m currently expanding my clientele and was wondering if you know anyone who could benefit from the same great service you received.”

Top Performing Example Explained

  • Initial greeting and check-in: Opens the conversation in a warm and familiar manner.
  • “I hope you’re enjoying your new home.”: Reminds them of your previous successful collaboration.
  • Request for referrals: Segues smoothly into the business ask without feeling forced.

Why it Works

The script tactfully combines personal care with professional intent. It leverages past success to open doors for future opportunities.

Real Estate Call Scripts for Expired Listings

Top Performing Example

“Hi, this is [Your Name] with [Real Estate Company]. I noticed that your listing on [Street Name] expired recently. That must be frustrating. May I ask what you think went wrong and how I can assist you in successfully relisting your property?”

Top Performing Example Explained

  • Addressing the issue head-on: Immediately speaks to the reason for the call without dancing around the subject.
  • Empathetic inquiry: Shows understanding and opens the door for them to share their concerns.
  • Offer to assist: Subtly positions you as the solution to their problem.

Why it Works

This script acknowledges the challenge while also presenting an opportunity, making the homeowner more likely to engage.

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Real Estate Call Scripts for FSBOs (For Sale By Owner)

Top Performing Example

“Hello, is this the owner of the [Property Address]? Hi, I’m [Your Name] with [Real Estate Company]. I saw your FSBO listing and couldn’t help but admire how well you’ve presented the property. Have you thought about how partnering with an agent could free up your time and potentially get you a better deal?”

Top Performing Example Explained

  • Initial compliment: Establishes a friendly tone and disarms potential defensiveness.
  • “Have you thought about…”: Gently introduces the idea of collaboration without directly criticizing their efforts.
  • Benefits of partnering: Highlights what they have to gain rather than what they might be doing wrong.

Why it Works

The script sidesteps confrontation and presents a win-win scenario, making it a palatable choice for homeowners resistant to agents.

By using these targeted scripts, you can approach each scenario with confidence and precision, maximizing your chances of converting prospects into active clients.


In this article, we’ve explored the critical role that real estate scripts play in various scenarios, from cold calling and reviving stale leads to securing valuable referrals from past clients. These scripts are more than just words; they are strategic tools designed to build trust, engage prospects, and navigate complex situations with finesse.

We highly recommend putting these tailored scripts to use in your own real estate practice. By adapting and practicing them, you can elevate your communication skills, making it easier to convert prospects into clients and achieve greater success in this competitive market.

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